Email impersonation
cyber threat protection

91% of all cyber attacks use email as #1 attack vector.

Email impersonation is currently the top cyber threat all kinds of organisations must deal with.

We protect all kinds of email communications
from all cyber attacks providing
a simple and interpretation free verdict
on every email in your inbox


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25-27 FEBRUARY 2019


How can we protect you and your business from email Fraud?

Zuratrust is an independent verification channel, based on the same principle second factor authentication relies on. Allows the verification of all your email communications in a plain easy and systematizable manner. Once you know which emails are trustworthy, email fraud is gone.

A solution for each email communication

Whether you are sending a regular email to a customer, contractor, bank representative, colleague or managing automatic emails sent from any of your business management applications to third parties, we've got you covered.


Protection for regular emails sent and received by humans from a desktop, webmail, mobile device or any other device.

  • CEO Fraud, BEC, Ransomware, Intelectual property theft,... protection
  • Compatible with 100% of corporate and personal email platforms (self hosted, cloud, ...)
  • Protects emails sent and received on all kinds of devices and Operating Systems
  • No changes needed in corporate email infrastructure (Zero setup)
  • Protection all email related attacks (also targeted, unique and complex attacks)
  • Instant email verification
  • Emails sent and received within the company or to any 3rd party
  • ... your recipients can be sure your emails are real.


Protection for automated email communications from any business-application (transactional or non transactional).

  • Protection for Outbound Phishing attacks
  • Works with all kinds of email sending plaforms (on-premise, SaaS, ...)
  • Protects emails received on all kinds of devices and Operating Systems
  • Rule-based automatic outgoing email protection
  • Protect your brand and your customers
  • Protection all email related attacks (also targeted, unique and complex attacks)
  • Instant email verification
  • Any email source: CRM, ERP, newsletters, invoicing, payments, intranets, project management, transactional or non transactional,...
  • ... your recipients can be sure your emails are real.

Why should I protect my email
communications with Zuratrust?

Protect your brand and your communications with customers, employees...

Anyone might be receiving fake emails impersonating your brand and your organisation. Outbound Phishing has been out there for years and beyond warning them there was nothing you could do about it. With Zuratrust you can provide them a clear way to distinguish which communications are real and therefore avoid money, brand and confidence loss.

Protect your teams, products and know-how.

Your team is the target of most cyber attacks, and while (fortunately) awareness is increasing, the lack of valid protection tools might drive your human capital to a Fear of Failure blockage situation. We provide an interpretation free and plain simple tool to verify the trustworthyness of every email communication and avoid money, know-how and productivity losses to your organisation.

Security Awareness, Server-side email filters, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, ,... are not enough.

There are plenty of solutions that allegedly protect your email communications. Some act in the server side, others just improve your email settings and lately there's a plethora of services offered to improve your teams cyber security awareness and skills….

91% of cyber attacks use email as the number one attack vector.

BEC attacks (CEO Fraud), Ransomware, advanced malware, outbound phishing, crypto mining, corporate network penetrations, W-2 data theft, intellectual property and business information theft or just social engineering for future attacks; diverse attack goals but using email and the human factor as the main attack vector in all cases.

Billion of dollars in direct losses in reported attacks.

Email fraud attacks have evolved from massive, repetitive and easy to detect attacks to uniquely tailored, and high complexity targeted attacks (1 person in 1 organisation), usually relying on information obtained via social engineering. Very hard to detect and to avoid, and is a multi-billion dollar criminal activity.

Targeted, custom tailored and high complexity attacks.

Email filters work, and they work well for regular spam and phishing. They rely on repeating patterns and learn from them, and compare every email you receive and send with those patterns. But, what happens when an attacks email is unique, tailored and customized for you? Those products become useless, and you and your team are unprotected.

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